Rebecca Robbins Story Update

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Further DNA evidence has been found in August 2016 disappearance of Rebecca Robbins.  An anonymous source within the Chicago Police Department leaked that droplets of blood found near Rebecca's phone were proven to be hers.  While the Robbins family has hoped for their daughter's return after 15 months, police have begun to project that she is unlikely to be found alive.   Robbins dissappeared druing the popular Lollapalooza concert in downtown's Grant Park. Police later found her phone, on which was a startling photo of a rabbit attacking. 

While her disappearance is a mystery, city officials have recently began an initiative to control rabbit populations in the area as we approach winter.  Many rabbits, when encountering a particular brutal winter, as is predicted this year, often seek out interior spaces to hide.  Citizens have been advised to call Chicago animal control should they discover rabbits nesting indoors in attics, cellars, or garages. and not approach or try to captures the animals themselves.

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